The Story of Rapture Begins Here

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Andrew Ryan was a visionary, dreaming of a utopian society where great men and women could live free of the rules and the government keeping them from realizing their true potential. His story begins in BioShock: Rapture, available today in bookstores everywhere.


Written by John Shirley, the award winning author of Cyberpunk classics like City Come A-Walkin', Black Glass, and the Eclipse trilogy, BioShock: Rapture is the story of the rise and fall of the city beneath the sea; a revealing look at how Rapture became the twisted husk it exists as when the player arrives at the beginning of the original game.

Illustration for article titled The Story of Rapture Begins Here

Given Shirley's talent for crafting esoteric tales of horror and suspense, he sounds like the perfect person to tell this story of the perfect civilization's spiral into madness.

BioShock: Rapture is available in stores right now. Shirley will be at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend speaking at the "Writing in Videogames" panel Friday, July 22 from 10AM to 11AM, after which he'll be signing some giveaway copies of the book at the Tor table in the main convention hall. Tell him Fahey sent you, and he'll look at you funny.

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Adam John Burbidge

Mine came this morning, I cant wait to read it! Loads bigger than i expected (470 pages) so sizable but not overwhelming.