What's the Best Game for a Multiplayer Shooter Noob?

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Commenter DeapGalaxy isn't an online multiplayer shooter fan, but he'd sure like to be. Help him find the perfect game in today's thrilling episode of Speak Up on Kotaku.

Okay, I need help with getting a game.

I've never really gotten into the whole multiplayer shooter scene, I've never even owned a single Call of Duty game, not because I'm like "lol cods 4 n00bz", I just never got round to it. But now I want to play a multiplayer shooter game, but because I don't exactly have a load of disposable income I'll have to come to Kotaku to help me choose one since I can't try them all out.


I enjoyed the Uncharted 3 beta, and I will be picking up U3 on day one (Mainly for the single player), but then maybe I should go to something more popular like Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3. I'm looking for a good shooter with a good big community, I only own a PS3 so maybe even something like Killzone 3 or Resistance 3?

Also I'm not too keen on something heavily objective or team based like Team Fortress 2, I don't mind playing in a team, just as long as there's room to do my own thing too!

Could someone help me out finding out which game to choose?

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I can tell you what not to start with. Any Halo game. For some reason, they hate noobs on there. I have never been on an more unfriendly environment in any online game ever. They like to do a lot of noob hunting in Halo 3, thus I stopped playing it.

MW 2 is alright if you can avoid the cheaters, but that is nearly impossible to do.

I'd say CoD: BO or Battlefield 2.