Be Very, Very Quiet; We're Stealthing Through Deus Ex: Human Revolution

You can charge through Deus Ex: Human Revolution guns ablaze, but you'll miss out on the special moments shared by the game's characters when they don't know you're there.


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It got a review of 94% in PC Gamer UK.

It is awesome apparently. Not as good as the original, but great. The original just beats it because it allows full "free roaming" options, rather than just being limited to "This is your mission, go do it NOW". In Deus Ex, you are told "Go do this" but you can do it anyway you want, as quickly or slowly as you want.

I also read that while STEAM offers an Achievment for completing the game without killing anybody.... you are FORCED to kill 4 bosses. The achievement does not include bosses ofcourse, but it's a bit silly giving you an achievment for not killing anybody, but excluding bosses. Why is there not an option to completely, both bosses and normal NPC's, to be left alive?

Apart from that (and other niggles) It is great.

I am looking forward to it. Any game where you can do anything (reasonable) to complete your mission is a win. For example, the writer explains funny and unique ways of doing stuff. In the game (like the original) you can hack terminals, if you hack one in friendly areas, you get attacked for doing it. The writer wanted to hack such a terminal, but couldn't do it without getting attacked and killed. So he spent a fair amount of time gathering boxes and built a wall to block NPC's view of him while he hacked the terminal. Because the NPC's couldn't see him, he wasn't seen hacking the terminal, thus not attacked.

Doing cool and fun stuff like that is what Dues Ex is about. The reason I think Human Revo does not have more free-roaming like the original is beacause Dues Ex was not a financial success. Doing free-roaming costs A LOT of money and time, and perhaps both time and money limited Edios from doing that.