Metro: Last Light Trailer Makes The Moscow Underground Extra Creepy

Metro: Last Light's newest trailer is actually two minutes of gameplay, and it's a well-chosen two minutes. Most of the dialogue is in Russian, but the atmosphere makes up for what you might be missing in the words being said.

Artyom's back, infiltrating the enemy's base, "hiding in plain sight", until he's spotted and it's time to make a run for it. What comes next makes it clear why the game's website requires that you certify you're over 18; while running from the assailants, Artyom is pushing people out of the way and slitting more than a few throats as he goes.

This video is part two of the gameplay demo from E3 last month. If you're jonesing for more Metro:Last Light, our own Brian Crecente wrote an in-depth preview for us before E3. The game is set to release next year.


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So....I've never read up on Metro so I have no idea what the premise is.....what IS the premise? It looks interesting.