Um, Pretty Sure This Is An Open Thread, Guys

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Friends of Kotaku, you're more than welcome to take this thread and make it your own, flavoring it with all the off topic conversation that you seem to like so much. So, have at it.

Anyone going to QuakeCon this weekend? I've never been, but it seems like it's going to be a good time. I might play a little Quake III Arena to get my enthusiasm up for the first-person shooter fest. If you are going, let us know in the comments.

Otherwise, enjoy the following links and have a ball talking amongst yourselves. Adios, amigos!


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What things do you think games do better than movies or literature?

While playing DQIX, I'm starting to value silent protagonists even more and character customization options in my games. I feel this makes them more personable in a way that movies and books cannot compete.

I am also enjoying the Everyman aspects of Miyamoto's characters, such as Super Mario. In the original Donkey Kong, Miyamoto stated that he made Mario physically unappealing and a carpenter because it appeals more to the working class. I feel characters like this further entrench people into games' narratives because it demonstrates that even ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things.

A lot of these things are beginning to influence my philosophy of game design. Has anything influenced how you would make a game? I'm curious. :)