This is Either Art from Bungie's Next Game or Clever Misdirection

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Earlier today we showed you the one-hour documentary celebrating the 20th anniversary of Bungie Studios. It ended with a curiosity.

You want to go the the 53:30 mark in the documentary to see these some powerlines and a windmill set up in a desert near some mountains. Signs of the new mystery franchise/universe/game that Bungie is making for Activision after a decade of making Halo games?


The imagery appears as members of Bungie talk about their next game, say things like "We want to build a universe where any crazy [expletive bleeped] can happen" and call their game Tiger. Tiger is the code-name one of our insiders used to refer to the game while describing it as a massively multiplayer first-person game.

The Bungie documentary doesn't confirm that the art is from the new game (nor could a Bungie spokesperson contacted by Kotaku), so we're left to wonder. Have we seen our first glimpse of Bungie's next big thing?

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Bubbleman! Will buy a PS Vita for NHL 13 or Gundam Extreme VS, so make it reality!

Sooo, why do we have such expectations for the next Bungie game?

Marathon was a by-product of Doom, and Oni was garbage (from what I recall)

The guys hit it big with Halo, but that doesn't mean there's reason to get excited over their next IP when they don't have a large back catalog of AAA games. One hit, that's it.