Get a 600,000 Gamerscore. Make a Silly Video.

Because why not? Gamer Stallion83, aka Raymond Cox, is on a quest: to be the first Xbox 360 owner to earn a gamerscore of one million.


Last fall, Stallion83's gamerscore hit 500,000, celebrating the milestone with a video. And this summer, he's reached 600,000, marking this moment with a goofy video.


It's got raw eggs and one-armed pushups. What else do you need?!

Stallion83 is the Guinness Book record holder for the highest gamerscore. He also blogs about his race to a million.

For more on the dedicated few trying to bag the highest gamerscores, read Kotaku's 2009 feature "Achievement Chore".


Thanks for the tip, Cindy!

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Is there a comparable PS3 'record' or did M$ really nail the narcissistic trophy whore demographic by using a real number instead of an increasingly wider series series of levels to rate this sort of stuff?

W/o going to the internet and downloading a calculator I never really have a really good feel for how trophy owned I am by my "I don't have to work so I can stay up and play games until 3am every day" teenage relatives from day to day ...

I know about Hakoom and the various tracking sites, but I don't remember reading about Sony petiitioning Guinness to reward that user with a 'record' ...