Is Nintendo Working on a Redesigned 3DS?

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Nintendo's already slashed the 3DS's price tag, but, according to new rumors, that's not the only thing the Kyoto-based game maker is planning on slashing.


According to French website 01Net, insiders said that Nintendo is prepping an entirely new 3DS model that "radically tones down" the handheld's 3D, and it could even be an entirely new rebranding for the portable. This means that the recent price cut could have been a way for retailers to clear excess 3DS stock to make way for the new iteration.

Not exactly how you could "radically tone down" the 3DS more than you can now, considering how the feature can be toned, er turned, off. Nintendo would have to give the 3DS a new name or drop the feature altogether; not so sure about that last bit, especially because companies continue to announce 3D games, Nintendo included.

What's more, Nintendo is apparently planning a detachable second analog stick for the current 3DS that will retail for "about $10", which sounds a bit underpriced and rather odd.

Website Eurogamer pointed out that as crazy as some of these rumors sound 01Net apparently did break both the Wii U and the PS Vita's specs before they were confirmed.

Today, Bloomberg reported that Nintendo is holding a pre-Tokyo Game Show event on September 13, which sent the company's stock skyrocketing. Nintendo used the 2005 Tokyo Game Show keynote, a show it didn't actually attend, to reveal the Wii Remote.


This have been difficult of late for the gaming giant. Nintendo has hit its PlayStation 3 moment with the 3DS, and the company is executing a drastic plan b. The PS3 was about to pull through early difficulties. But will the 3DS?


Kotaku is following up with Nintendo and will update this post should the company comment.

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It's a shame their stock prices soared - that makes them a less attractive buyout for Apple. Imagine Apple in charge of Nintendo's IP's. The most recognizable video game franchises with higher quality (and higher-priced) hardware (but hey, likely lower-priced software). Actually, imagine anyone but Nintendo in charge of Nintendo's IP's. They'd actually be making games.