Wolfenstein Game Yanked From European Markets Over Swastikas

Illustration for article titled emWolfenstein/em Game Yanked From European Markets Over Swastikas

The iOS version of id Software's Wolfenstein 3D has been withdrawn from sale in two European countries over its use of the Nazi swastika.

The game has been pulled in both Austria and Switzerland, according to a tweet from id boss John Carmack, "due to the offensive swastikas".

This shouldn't be too big a surprise. Like Germany, Austria has strict laws prohibiting the public display of the Nazi swastika, and while Switzerland has no such law (indeed, recent attempts to bring such a law in were defeated), it won't be the first body to willingly censor the game: Nintendo did just the thing nearly twenty years ago.


[@ID_AA_Carmack @ Twitter]

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Games about nazi's should never have swastika's, that's like letting the Germans win.