Do You Mine Your Role-Playing Games for All They're Worth?

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Commenter Supra5mge spends a great many hours squeezing ever ounce of enjoyment out of his role-playing games. How do your numbers compare to his? Show him up in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.


Here is something I have wondered for awhile now. How many hours do most of you role-playing game players out there put in to a game? I know it can depend on the game for the most part. I am curious as to how my game time relates to others.

Here are a few examples:

I put ~65 hrs into the first Mass Effect and ~70 into Mass Effect 2 (with DLC ), single play-throughs.


95 hrs into Dragon Age: Origins and 89 hrs into Dragon Age II.

I average about 80 hrs or so in Japanese role-playing games.

I don't leave them paused for long periods of time or pass out while playing. I don't trophy hunt or anything similar. Is this a lot?

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Xenoblade has so many fucking MMO-style fetch-n-kill quests that it's driving me crazy. Yet my OCD is telling me, do it! do it! It helps that the combat is fun and the music is great, but I mean, seriously!

Other than that, my only Fallout 3 save has 200+ hours clocked into it, every location explored, and I have a notebook with detailed notes about locations I've already explored but haven't fully been able to loot due to lacking in lockpicking/science/explosive skills.