From Metal Gear to Stripping to Fugitive to Porn

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Earlier this year, pin-up Minako Komukai was on the run from Johnny Law. She stood accused of purchasing drugs from a group of Iranian dealers and fled to the Philippines. A warrant was put out for her arrest, and Komukai was an international fugitive.

As previously posted, Komukai worked mostly as a pin-up, but also appeared at Japanese game events. She was a Metal Gear nut and was apparently friendly with Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima.


Besides doing commentary at a Metal Gear Online event when the game was released, she appeared on Kojima's "Hide-chan Radio" program three times as a guest in 2006, giving her opinion on the Tokyo Game Show and talking about turning 20 years old. Their rapport was friendly, with Kojima referring to her playfully as "Mina-tan" and talking to her about doing motion capture for MGS4. The motion capture is done totally nude, he added.

According to game site Dengeki Online, Komukai possesses a "deep knowledge" of the Metal Gear series.

Illustration for article titled From Metal Gear to Stripping to Fugitive to Porn

Alice Japan NSFW)

The drug charges against her earlier this year were Kumokai's second. In 2009, she was arrested for drugs. Later that year, she released an autobiography titled I'm Really Sorry.


When Komukai arrived at Tokyo Narita from Manila earlier this year (top), she was mobbed by the press and arrested by cops. The drug charges against her were eventually dropped due to a lack of evidence and Komukai was released from jail.

This October, Komukai, who's been working as a stripper and appearing in softcore movies, will make her hardcore porn debut. This is the same Komukai who stood up to her talent agency and spilled the beans about dark underbelly of the glossy pin-up world, saying that many Japanese models work as high priced escorts.


In 2006, Komukai told Hideo Kojima, "I want to become a voice actress." That, or a new video game character. When Kojima asked her what kind of character, she replied, "I'd like to be Snake's illegitimate child."

Komukai won't be Snake's illegitimate kid anytime soon. Starting this fall, she'll be a pornstar, and there's voice acting in that. Snakes, too.


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It's sad that it's come to this for her, but everyone has to support themselves somehow. I hope this either works out for her or lands her something better.