A Three-Minute Look at THQ's Avengers, Disassembled

THQ's big-time bloodletting back in August meant the end of its Brisbane, Australia studio and scuttled the publisher's planned video game adaptation of The Avengers. Evidently those who were involved with the project can't take no for an answer; footage of the game in its pre-alpha state released last week and was immediately smashed by YouTube. Now another video has leaked out.


You can get a look at how Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Super Skrull would have fought in this game, if this footage is on the level. I don't have any confirmation that it is, although given its elaborate quality and earlier leaks, it seems reasonable to think so. It also resembles some videos that Kotaku Australia found on Thursday purporting to show the unfinished work on the Avengers game.

In August, THQ vaporized its MX vs. ATV series and walked away from de Blob. Two months earlier it shuttered Kaos Studios, makers of Homefront.

[h/t Fabrizio E.]

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Is it just me, or is it kind of stupid to have multiple of the same character running around? I actually liked the days where you were forced to be someone different if someone picked a character before you. Causes less confusion and balances for better teamwork, based on the character's different abilities.

Besides that, this actually looks pretty good... *sigh* Oh, well.