The Virtual Boy as an Instrument of Public Nuisance

The Virtual Boy may have traumatised Nintendo all those years ago, but these days, it seems all it's good for is comedic self-harm.


Get me on any other day and this "entry level Jackass" stuff is both old and tiresome, as all it does is score cheap laughs off some poor worker's clean-up job after the mess the jackasses made.


But the fact this involves a Virtual Boy? I'm giving it a pass. Especially since he actually stuck around after filming to clean up all the mess he made!

If you think the guy in the video looks familiar, that's because he is. It's Nathan Barnatt, aka Keith Apicary, from the Neo Geo Music Video, with music in this clip again provided by Fantomenk.

Why the Virtual Boy Failed: The Music Video [technabob]

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Better song! :D