'Object Rape' by Wii Remote Sends Utah Man to Jail

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A Utah man is in jail after he raped a 12-year-old boy with a Wii remote, according to authorities in in a Salt Lake City suburb. Police say the 26-year-old assailant was angered that the boy and his friends had been teasing him.

Nicholas Parry is in the Salt Lake County jail facing charges of "object rape" and aggravated sexual assault. The fact "object rape" exists on some state's books is as skin-crawling as the circumstances alleged here.

Cops say Parry was at a house where the victim and his friends were having a sleepover. Parry got drunk and became angry that the kids were teasing him, said a police lieutenant. "He reacted by grabbing a 12-year-old boy and sexually abusing him using a Wii game controller," reports KSL-TV of Salt Lake City.


The other boys saw the attack; their parents were asleep elsewhere in the home. The next day, cops say Parry attacked the victim again even though he'd sobered up. He was arrested after confessing the assault to a neighbor.

Man Accused of Raping Boy During Sleepover [KSL-TV]

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laser beams

he probably told the kid if he didn't shut up, he'd shove that Wii-mote up his ass. he was probably just making good on his threat. although now he'll have this on his criminal record for the rest of his life. i'm sure he thought this would sound a lot more bad-ass before he realized the charges he would be rung up on: "object rape".

on a 12 year old boy.

i hope he has fun in prison XD