The PlayStation Vita has a 3G Download Cap in the US, too

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Just like Japan, in the US there'll be a 20MB download limit attached to the 3G version of the PlayStation Vita, Sony announced yesterday.


The limit of course only applies to data being downloaded over a 3G network; if you're downloading via wi-fi, on either the 3G or wi-fi-only models of the Vita, you can grab bits and bytes to your heart's content.


Interestingly, Sony explains that the limit has nothing to do with the hardware of the Vita. It's instead a limitation on AT&T's part, the Vita's exclusive mobile carrier not allowing 3G downloads any bigger than 20MB on any handheld devices on its network.

PS Vita 3G 20MB download cap confirmed [GameSpot]

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They probably knew what they were getting into, but AT&T more then likely threw a bunch of money at Sony to have exclusivity for the model, thinking it'll sell well.

Sony, knowing that AT&T sucks, took the money and gave a limited number of models, knowing they won't sell that well, but made a profit for the exclusivity deal, then banking on strong sales of the Wifi model.

I mean most gamers getting the Vita would most likely use a smartphone or wifi hotspot device to get the Vita online.

Course this is me thinking Sony is clever, I could be wrong. Maybe no company would accept the 3G model and AT&T were the only ones, demanding restrictions and Sony saying sure and making a limited amount of 3G models.