David Hasselhoff Wants To Develop a Video Game (No, Really)

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David Hasselhoff, probably for no reason other than the fact he is David Hasselhoff, figures a lifetime spent acting and singing at Germans has adequately prepared him for the role of video game designer.


Speaking with Reuters about Burnout Crash, the EA game which he's recently been helping market, the 59 year-old said, "I've wanted to develop my own game so this was a way of seeing if this works and maybe we can take this one step further with using the same concept as Burnout Crash, and maybe do something with the Hoff."

If that something involves Knight Rider, I'll overlook that he's referring to himself in the third person.

The Hoff wants a video game of his own [Reuters]

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So basically, he want's to go "Make a game like Burnout Crash, but with me in it". And then let the development team make and design it, and then he can say he developed a game.

Hoff, even when you were in Nightrider, I watched it for Kit. No one watched Baywatch for you either. You were Nick Fury I guess, but I don't like Nick Fury.

I don't know where I'm going with this, I guess, erm...fuck it, just go make you game dammit.