Here's Another Problem With Retailer-Specific Preorder Items, Best Buy

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Twice has Best Buy lured commenter I.Q.1 to its door with exclusive preorder goodness, and twice has he been denied. A cautionary tale, courtesy of Speak Up on Kotaku.

I just want to share how as a gamer I am extremely disappointed with the service Best Buy has provided me in my last couple orders.

First off when Mortal Kombat was released a few months ago I had preordered the game from GameStop. Once I found out that each retailer had different preorder bonus I looked into what each bonus was. GameStop had a classic scorpion costume and fatality where as Best Buy had Classic Sub-Zero costume and fatality. Sub-Zero happens to be a favorite for me so I cancelled my order with GameStop and preordered Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition from Best Buy. Once the game was released and my copy showed up in the with a Classic Sub Zero sticker on the box I was pumped, excited. I open the box and start installing the game on my Xbox.


While that's going on I start going thru all the papers and booklets that came with the box/game. For some reason I couldn't find my Classic Sub-Zero costume/fatality DLC Code. Of course I thought this must be some sort of error so what I did was I went to the Best Buy web site and under the contact us link there is a form to fill out . I filled out the form by providing all my info from the order and stating that there was content missing from my purchase in detail. Well needless to say I never heard back. I took to the web and found out that lots of people who order that game from best buy were in fact missing that DLC. Of course I was hoping since I contacted you guys about it that it would be resolved but no. I never heard back. As upsetting as this was life went on and I completely forgot about the matter.

Well now another issue arises. Once again I preordered a game from GameStop called Forza Motorsport 4: Limited Collector's Edition about two, maybe three months ago. Once I found out that again each retailer would get a different preorder bonus that being different in game vehicle and it turns out best Buy to me had the better vehicle (BMW 1 Series M Coupe) so I preordered from Best Buy and cancelled my GameStop order. This was almost a month ago and today October 7 I get this email from Best Buy

Thank you for your Forza Motorsport 4: Limited Collector's Edition (sku 2953607) pre-order on Unfortunately, due to an overwhelming demand, Best Buy is unable to fulfill your pre-order; as a result, your order will be canceled.


What I don't understand is why Best Buy would continue to take preorders if they don't know exactly how many copies of the game they would be receiving. I tried going back to GameStop and they stopped taking preorders a week ago. Also I checked Amazon, Microsoft Store and Wal-Mart and none of them are taking preorders for the Limited Edition. So now because of a mistake by Best Buy I will miss out on all the Preorder bonus features I was so looking forward to. I'm very disappointed, another game ruined. I'll never preorder another game thru Best Buy again. There's a comfort in knowing you have a game reserved/waiting for but now I will have the joy of tracking down this game which seems to be sold out everywhere. Thanks for nothing Best Buy.

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I don't get you guys.

Every time there's a article on Kotaku that disses Gamestop, I see a lot of comments that say "This is why I buy all my games from Best Buy." And now here's a article saying that Best Buy screws up preorders..

Well, great. Is there anyplace I CAN buy games without there being issues?