Your Nose Just Told Me Cowabunga

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Among the things that beloved editor Michael McWhertor left behind was his curation of the nightly off-topic open thread. And so the responsibility to keep the OT up falls to me, Kotaku's sole west coast editor on Mondays and Tuesdays.


So, bear with me as I track down random things I see in the news in a sad attempt to live up McWhertor's precedent. Though of course, it's an open thread, so talk about whatever you'd like!

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Did Kirk Hamilton ever have an introduction article, like Evan Narcisse? I seem to remember Totilo having a similar one when he joined up a few years ago as well, and it gave me a good sense of his personality. I find that I still have no idea who Kirk is or where he came from.

I miss when Kotaku was a site that could actually be navigated effectively to find stuff like editor bios. Does the editor bio page even exist anymore?