Should Reviewers Take Off Points For Online Passes?

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Used sales squashing online passes are annoying as hell, but should their utilization affect a game's review score? Commenter Smash Bro thinks they should, and he'll tell you why in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.


Can we get a call to reviewers to start taking off points for anti-consumer practices, like online passes?

I understand that reviews are a discussion of the game's qualities or lack thereof, but video games are a consumer product, and an expensive one at that. Most gamers (or non-gamers looking to buy gifts for gamers, etc.) look at reviews as a buyers' guide. "Is this game worth my $60?"

The online pass scheme reduces the value of everyone's game (including those of you who buy new) by $10, or about 15%. Yet publishers who use the online pass don't reduce the cost of their games by a similar amount.

The only other power that speaks to publishers besides $$$ (sales) is the almighty Metascore. If publishers knew going in that any online pass game was going to automatically be ducted 5-10 points they may rethink such practices that have nothing but negative consequences for their customers.

If it's not enough that Sony now has to sell six Online Passes to even break even on my one lost Uncharted 3 sale (cancelled my pre-order because I refuse to buy games with an Online Pass, even though I only buy new), losing a chunk of those Game of the Year awards might be enough incentive to knock this stupid crap off.

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I'm A Different Bird

I definitely agree with this. Draconian practices can definitely impact the enjoyment of the game.

I remember that the PC version of AC2 got a lot of reviews stating that it was an incredible game, but the DRM made it a terrible experience.