About That Other Ending For Return of the Jedi. The One Where Han Solo Dies...

In one of the outlines for the movie Return of the Jedi, Han Solo died. Princess Leia would have to lead her own people while Luke went off on his own.


This "slightly more bittersweet" ending "would have allowed the characters to reach a natural conclusion," Gary Kurtz say in an interview included among the DVD extras to the documentary The People Vs. George Lucas. (Watch the clip above to hear him elaborate.)

What does Gary Kurtz know? Well, the guy was the producer for the first two Star Wars movies, the ones grown-ups tend to prefer. He didn't produce Jedi.

The critically-acclaimed The People Vs. George Lucas amusingly explores the love-hate relationship fans have had with Star Wars creator George Lucas, who has been tinkering—angry fans would call it "meddling"—with his beloved creations for decades. The people promoting the October 25 Lionsgate DVD release of the film gave us this exclusive clip, which is excerpted from a fresh interview footage of Kurtz. Other DVD extras include a music video not-so-tastefully called "GL Raped our Childhood" and a featurette shot at Comic-Con called "The People Vs. Star Wars 3D".

Would have you preferred the version Kurtz describes?

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