Final Fantasy Versus XIII Dude, You've Changed

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Back in 2009, Square Enix showed a Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer. In it, FF Versus XIII hero Noctis Lucis Caelum sported a silly name and some magnificent hair. His name is still silly and his hair is still amazing, but dude's changed.

Over the weekend, screens from Final Fantasy Versus XIII appeared on Japanese game sites. The screens show how the game is coming along.

Some FF fans prefer the old Noctis. Some like the new one, especially how Square Enix has refined his character design, especially since the FF Versus XIII trailer earlier this year.


As Japanese commenters are pointing out online, it looks like Noctis has aged. Well, technically he has. That original trailer was shown in 2009. It's 2011.

And the release date for Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still TBA.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII two years later [Gematsu via オレ的ゲーム]

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Illustration for article titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII Dude, You've Changed

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Rachel Fogg

Y'know from a this girl's perspective...I liked the Asian-ness of his previous design..however I reckon that both he and Stella looked TOO much the same 'Hurhurhur he looks like a chick hurhurhur' :rolls eyes:

Still I like his new look as well, he looks older...sorta weary looking, however...his look just SCREAMS dubbed voice by 'Yuri Lowenthal'

If that happens SE, you'll get a very displeased letter from me.