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I hope you've all been gaming your hearts out lately, because there's a lot to be played! I've had more chances than usual to play this week, which has been very nice.

Since Battlefield 3 arrived in my mailbox last night, I'm excited for it to get most of my attention! How about you? Still grinding away in Dark Souls, or bringing justice to criminals in Batman: Arkham City? Tell us what you've been up to, and talk amongst yourselves!

Today's TAYpic has been brought to you by none other than Pan1da7! Thanks yet again, keep the entries coming!


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Obligatory Dark Souls progress comment:

So hows everyone doing? I'm currently on the anor londo boss but not really sure how to get the edge on these guys. I'm currently about lvl 59 and my build is fairly balanced with high strength and endurance (over 25) using standard shields (i.e like the crest shield) most of which is levelled up to +10, Black iron armour (levelled to around +2) and using the Fury sword (+3) and lightning spear (+3) with ring of protection (20% vitality boost).

I still feel woefully under powered when I'm taking on these guys, one mistake and i'm practically one shotted :(