Borderlands Fan Passes Away, Honoured as Borderlands 2 Character

Illustration for article titled emBorderlands/em Fan Passes Away, Honoured as emBorderlands 2/em Character

Michael John Mamaril sadly passed away last month at the age of just 22. Being a big Borderlands fan, Michael's friend Carlo thought a nice way to remember him would be to have the game somehow pay tribute. Borderlands developers Gearbox did this and then some.


The game's loud-mouthed robot assistant, Claptrap, has recorded a short eulogy for Michael, which while a little strange to hear is still a touching gesture.

A more public showing is the fact Michael will be included in the game as an NPC.


You can hear the eulogy below.

Gearbox to honor late fan as an NPC in Borderlands 2 [Destructoid]

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Pepe Thunder

I'd like to see Activision do something like that >_>

Edit: Oh yeah, and btw, theres a creepy contest winner NPC in Arkham Asylum. Whoever this dude is, he is creepy!