Kevin Butler Thanks You for Not Rage Quitting

You don't have to be any good at video games to get a hat-tip from Kevin Butler. In fact, you can be quite terrible at them, as Legit Bitness is here. What seems to matter most in PlayStation's ongoing thank-the-average fan campaign on YouTube, is that you play a PS3 exclusive.

Still, this one touches a subject near and dear to my heart: Sucking at multiplayer shooters. And unlike Mah-chael at Ow-muha, Legit Bitness was often the first to die. Still he kept trucking along, earning a touching eulogy from the Kabester, followed by a wack MC Hammer dance.


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I played the Killzone 3 demo the other day. Man, that was not fun. The controls just do not feel right at all.

Resistance 3, on the other hand, now that was awesome.