"Fighting Game Characters Are Racist"

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That's not a view I hold, mind you. It's just the name of this great piece by artist Sachin Teng!


I don't think it's a grand political gesture on his part. Just the kind of observation we've all made once or twice, with a chuckle and a shake of the head. Only he made a neat picture out of it.

I like to think fighting games are like fancy dress parties. A fancy dress party where the Japanese people dressing up as tired national stereotypes don't quite know what they're doing.

Illustration for article titled "Fighting Game Characters Are Racist"

Fighting Games Are Racist [Sachin Teng]

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What I find most amusing about this "fighting games are racist" idea is that most of the fighting games in question are made by Japanese people.

I mean the term "racist" is almost exclusively applied to white people these days. I remember South Park poked fun at this in the episode where Cartman gets charged with a hate crime after throwing a rock at Token even though Token being black had nothing to do with why he threw the rock. In reality though whites are probably the most hated race in the world. It's really sad that when it comes to discrimination and xenophobia dogs have it better than humans: black dog, brown dog, white dog, it doesn't matter, it will always just be seen as a dog, maybe humans will get there too someday.