Your Inside Peek at Akihabara's Most Famous Retro Game Shop

Two of my favorite Tokyo people, CheapyD of CheapAssGamer fame and Scott Popular of Scott Popular fame, provide an inside look at iconic retro game shop Super Potato.

Nice cinematography and soothing tunes accompany the two gents as they make their retro gaming crawl.


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Paradox me

I've always enjoyed shopping retro Japanese games, though it drives me nuts just how cheap a lot of CIB Super Famicom games are compared to their North American counterparts.

I'm sure there are plenty of rare/pricey Japanese titles as well, but $25-30 for CIB Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy VI SFC is maddening when just the SNES boxes of either can fetch that much.

There also just seems to be more Japanese CIB games in general, at least among those available to import. I'm guessing it has to do with the systems and games staying in production/print longer.