Jedi vs. Ninjas On the Deadliest Battleground of All

There's a disappointing lack of people being cut in half and the lightsaber impact effects could use more oomph, but this video featuring a Jedi Ninja showdown by Team 2X is worth a look. Now, the question of how/why ninjas, Jedi and Sith would all be in a warehouse on Earth are not answered. But the fight choreography's good enough to make you gloss over such questions. Best of all, I love whiplash-inducing reversal of tone at the end of this clip. It reminds you that all this stuff—even as executed at the highest professional levels—can be boiled down to really fancy LARPing.

Jedi Ninja [YouTube]

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It was good, but not as good as this. There should be more films like this exploring and experimenting with the physics of lightsabers