See How Star Wars: Galaxies Danced Out In Terror And Was Suddenly Silenced

Not with a bang, but several bangs. Then a whimper. And a succession of people just standing around, awkwardly, wondering what they'd done with the last eight years of their lives.

As you're probably aware, last weekend the plug was pulled on Star Wars Galaxies, the long-running, mildly-popular but ultimately disappointing MMO that had managed to survive since 2003.


The first video is what things looked like outside Mos Eisley, which while normally a hive of scum & villainy, was that night the scene of flesh-pressing, dancing and fireworks. Other videos in the gallery show the death of Luke Skywalker, some rather large battles and a whole lot of sadness.

[via VG247 & Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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Did they announce which faction "won"?