Star Wars Stormtroopers Went to Best Buy, and This Happened.

It's a mild, late-fall night, the holiday season is in full effect, and you want to go get some soup at Au Bon Pain. Life is good, but for how much longer?

Maybe you're done with that soup and you wanted to go buy some DVDs. Well guess what, Miss Mary Mac, you picked the wrong Monday night to go out on the town.

Everything goes to hell in a hand basket and the Empire marches through Union Square. They're blocking the entrance at the Best Buy, surrounded by nerds with glow sticks. They're holding laser rifles, Stormtroopers have taken the city (a very small part of the city) and now you will have to buy that copy of Glee: The Concert Movie another week.


In other words, we shot the video up top at the Monday night launch for Star Wars: The Old Republic and thought Kotaku readers would enjoy a look at the unusual scene.

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Yo Stormtroopers, I'm really happy for you an' I'm gonna letchu finish...