Skyrim Isn't Forbes’ Game of the Year. (Deus Ex: Human Revolution Is)

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It may be notching up top honors at outlets like GameSpot and The Wall Street Journal, but Skyrim doesn't quite what it takes to be Forbes' Game of the Year.

Bethesda's RPG comes in third in the write-up on the business magazine's affiliated website, with Portal 2 in second place and Deus Ex: Human Revolution named as the overall best title of 2011. If you're interested in the reasoning behind the placement, head on over and read the full piece.


(Thanks, tipster Nathaniel.)

Why Skyrim is Not My Game of the Year [Forbes]

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My opinions:

While Skyrim is great (and I've put a huge number of hours into it), and Deus Ex: Human Revolution wasn't completely terrible (the choice to not play as combat....and you still have to fight stupid bosses that force you to be unable to play stealth), I think Portal 2 would be my game of the year. Skyrim and DE:HR are both buggy, with Skyrim taking the cake on the bugginess scale.

Skyrim is a wonderful sandbox with an okay at best story and certainly better graphics and voice acting than it's predecessors, but the bugs just really kill it for me and several parts of the story felt a bit...meh.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution seemed beautiful and had an intriguing storyline, yet it also had it's own share of bugs and certain parts of the game simply made it so hellishly frustrating that it hit the trash bin before I ever cared to finish it. For example, I loved being able to play through most of the game by sneaking around (my favorite part of this game, and I usually hate stealth games) instead of direct confrontation. I thought you would get to choose how you wanted to play. What did I get? Bosses with rocket launchers for arms and small areas to battle in where accuracy, stealth, and strategy were completely useless and forced you to level your character in a very specific way in order to proceed in a game where the combat system was frustrating to use at best. No thanks.

I haven't played through much of Skyward Sword yet, and I'm disqualifying my vote because I've been playing the disc on Dolphin rather than my actual Wii simply because of how much superior the game runs and looks on my PC, even with the still somewhat buggy MotionPlus integration into the emulator.

So far my GOTY is Portal 2, probably one of the games that actually took up the least amount of my time (mostly due to lack of people I wanted to play the multiplayer with and time constraints that conflicted with playing with friends), but it was an absolutely superb game. The voice acting, story, graphics, gameplay...everything was more than a cut above the stunted or bug-ridden shovelware that usually gets the AAA label these days. Not only was the game overall satisfying, it actually managed to improve and add to it's predecessor that made it more of an evolution than yet another sequel squeezed out just to make sales off of a pre-existing franchise.

I love all of the games I mention here, but Portal 2's superior presentation, relative lack of bugs, wonderful gameplay including a charming multiplayer addition and still fresh thinking in a world of homogenous games take the cake (pun intended).