Your First Look at the Persona Porno Isn't Sexy

Illustration for article titled Your First Look at the emPersona/em Porno Isnt Sexy

Adult video star and singer Tsubomi recently uploaded this photo on her official blog, titling the post, "(To) All Otaku." Guess that means you?


Tsubomi just filmed an adult video from porn makers TMA, a studio notorious for its video game and anime inspired dirty movies. (Because if it exists, make a porn of it, right?)

The outfit in the photo belongs to Yukiko Amagi, Persona 4's rich girl character. And this could be the longest look you'll get of Tsubomi actually wearing it.


Check out Tsubomi's music, too—it's not bad.

☆オタクのみなさま☆ [つぼみ日記]

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Shinji Ikari

To much talk of Persona 4 as of late more talky about Persona 3 ^__^