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Love is in the air as we slink into February in Kotaku's official forum, and what do you folks love? That's right, video games. In fact you even love talking about video games, so here we are.


A brand new month brings with it a brand new TAY image, this time discovered via a site suggestion from frequent TAYpiccer Pand1a7. In celebration of this lovely month we present Rubens' "El Jardín del Amor". Love is in the air in the work, along with other things I won't mention — you'll just have to see the full non-cropped version for yourself.

It's the cropped version we're interested in, however. Surely this picture is ripe with elements perfect for transforming through the miracle of Photoshop into video game-themed greatness. You know the drill, folks. Please do your best—or your worst—and share your own riffs on our February image to our #TAYpics thread. Just remember to keep your image in a 16x9 ratio and you just might see it featured atop a future installment of Talk Amongst Yourselves. Grab the base image here. The best ones will be featured in future installments of Talk Amongst Yourselves.

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Games that you purposely avoid in the media so you don't spoil anything!

But first, let me back things up a bit.

Before Skyrim released, I knew I was going to buy it. Oblivion was my first Bethesda game and I was hooked! I ended up getting Fallout 3 because a friend told me, "It's Oblivion with guns. You'll love it." and...well...I did! Got Fallout: New Vegas later on from my girlfriend as a surprise gift and needless to say...loved the hell out of that. So, for me, there was no question that Skyrim was going to be my next purchase. I was aware of the scope of the game but no finer details outside of cold weather, dragons, and yelling at people. I remember seeing someone post on Kotaku about how they refused to click anything related to ME2 and how, when they finally got the game, it felt "new". Nothing was spoiled. No details. No environments. No new characters. It was fresh.

It was like the old days of video gaming before you could go online and find out all sorts of details about a game before its release (And maybe you could, I certainly didn't do it). Everything was fresh out of the box. Everything. No experiences were already known to you because of the lack of involvement (obviously, on my part) with online gaming websites or gaming magazines.

So I tried it for Skyrim...and holy crap. I love Kotaku and all the stories that are posted on here but there was no way I was prepared for all the things that Skyrim had. Oh man. It was a blast...STILL is a blast...I'm still finding out things and learning stuff I didn't know about before. And it feels great. Sure, I'm interested in knowing the details but finding out stuff for yourself for the first time is way better than knowing ahead of time and saying, "Oh yeah, I remember reading about this..."

I decided for Mass Effect 3, I'm going to do the same thing. I already know about some of the new characters (DudeMan Broseph and Giraffe-neck Chobit...Chobot? Chocobo? Whatever) and the new melee system but not much outside of that. In fact, I'm going to go through Mass Effect 1 & 2 one more time before I move on to ME3. I think it'll be great. It'll be tough not to click on videos and not jump on a copy once the game releases but I think I can do it again.

Have any of you tried/contemplated doing this? If not, I highly recommend it. Just pick a particular game that you're REALLY interested in and avoid it like the bubonic plague until you have a copy in your hands.

So, what about you Kotaku members? Think you'd be interested in trying this approach on any particular game? I believe Resident Evil 6 will be my next one.