And Now, Here's the Most Evil DLC—DLC the Game

The implied social contract of paid, planned and premium downloadable content is, "don't want it? Don't buy it." OK, well, what if the game itself is buying planned premium downloadable content? Mega64's latest satire gets a 5/5 on the evil scale from me.

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I generally don't mind DLC, except for the retailer exclusive, pre-order variety. It's one thing to have an artbook or steelbook case as a bonus for pre-ordering at a certain retailer, but it's another to make game content only available for pre-ordering at a particular store.

Maybe I wouldn't mind as much if that content was still available to purchase off PSN/XBLA at launch; you'd still be getting a preorder bonus since you won't have to buy that DLC for any extra cost. The main issue is that these things tend to take months to become available; and it almost feels like I'm being punished for buying the game at the wrong store.