A Twenty-Minute Documentary About the Gender of Final Fight's Poison

Reader Andrew points us towards this documentary. Which goes for twenty minutes. And which is entirely about the seemingly endless debate over the gender of Final Fight's Poison.


While it gets a little "high school paper" in parts, and is something we've pondered over once or twice ourselves, it's still a fairly interesting watch, if only for the fact it's got enough footage and discussion to go for twenty minutes.

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The FACT is that Poison is a female retconned into being a transgender person, in the laziest move for political correctness ever pulled by a game developer?

'Oh, you don't like to have to hit GIRLS in this beat 'em up where you fight back to save your life? Well, uhm...s-she's a HE! Yeah, that's right. Poison is transgender. So it's all good, you see. You may punch and kick him in the face now.'