Grand Theft Auto Would Be Much More Exciting if the Carjacking Victims Sought Revenge

Every day millions of innocent people are ripped violently from their vehicles, left sprawled out on the street as a gruff anti-hero with a twisted sense of right and wrong makes off with their ride. No more, says internet movie maker Freddie Wong.


In his latest special effects-laden spectacular, Freddie Wong takes on an issue that I believe is an area of massive untapped potential in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Not every driver is going to take carjacking lying down. They might not strap on rollerblades and perform death-defying highway stunts, but they're going to do something.

Now I'm imagining a Grand Theft Auto where you steal a car and drive off, only to have the victim steal another vehicle and take off after you.

I'd also like to see vehicles with baby-filled car seats in the back because hey, free baby.

freddiew: Pedestrian Revenge [YouTube]


They do that sometimes, though. If you don't take off fast enough, they'll run up and rip you out of the car and take it back. Sure, there's no free babies, but the day a game dev allows you to do anything to children other than saving them, well, that'll be a great day indeed.