Brand New Robot Wars Game for PS Vita. Not Much Info.

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Today, Bandai Namco revealed that it was working on a brand new Super Robot Wars game for the PS Vita. It showed no gameplay, no screenshots, and zero cutscenes. It did not even give a ballpark release date.

Bandai did point out that the upcoming, already announced PSP Super Robot Wars game can be played on the PS Vita, too. It's out next month. Neat.

新発表「PS Vita×寺田貴信」 [YouTube]

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Paradox me

If only these titles weren't licensing nightmares. The Super Famicom games being just a few of the vast number of Japanese games I would fumble through in emulators as a youngster.

Here I am, still drooling over Japanese games after all these years. Guess I should learn some Japanese, eh? Especially with the way Western markets view Japanese games these days. D: