When a Normal Lady Chases After Nerds

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There are single male geeks. There are female geeks. They'd probably make good couples. But what about when a non-nerd chases after geeks?


A recent news program on TV Asahi's Super J Channel detailed just that. In it, Kayo Tanaka, 31, said she was keen to get married. All her friends have been getting married, and Tanaka, who still lived with her parents, thought it was about time she did, too.

"I like guys who don't believe in themselves," Tanaka said. While not a geek herself, she said she's looking for a diamond in the rough. Make that, a diamond in the otaku rough.

Japanese matchmaker I'm Single holds "Otaku Marriage Hunting Parties" for those between the ages of 20 and 39 years old. The male participates have full-time jobs at companies or work for the government. The program also mentioned how important money is for women when looking for a partner. Some otaku have money! They'd need it to join this shindig. Dudes need to pony up ¥5,500 (US$66) to participate, while ladies need to shell out, ahem, only ¥500 or $6.

Super J Channel showed the men and women meet in a conference, sitting across from each other. After a bell was rung, "appeal time" started. During this, they tried to woo or impress their future mate in less than three minutes before switching and moving on to the next prospective catch. Speed dating—for nerds.

After the "appeal time", the marriage hunters were given an hour of "free time" to chitchat with the ladies. Remember, at this particular event, all the dudes were otaku. "I'm in to video games, manga, and anime—I even cosplay," said one male 31 year-old participant.

So that doesn't mean they all the participants spoke the same lingo, because, like Tanaka, not all the females were geeks. Rather, some of them felt that otaku would make good partners because they're so serious.


While Tanaka was talking with a 36 year-old president of a game developer, he mentioned "FPS games". And Tanaka had no clue what he meant. She also seemed miffed by Dynasty Warriors.

No wonder when it came time to select and be selected, none of the otaku picked her! Instead, all the men seemed very interested in a young lady in red, who really loved anime.


Just because people are otaku, that doesn't mean they'll date or spend their time with whomever and haver zero standards. Rather, like with anyone, they want to be with people who share common interests and who speak their language.

"People are going to think that person who wasn't popular with otaku," the woman said as she left the event. That comment drew fire online with people saying things like, "Who the hell does she think she is?" or "And she wonders why she can't get married?"


Turns out nerds usually want to be with...nerds. (Or at least people who are nice and humble.)

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(Top photo: TV Asahi via 2ch News Flash)


This is the difference between women and men. A man likes you for who you are and NEVER wants you to change (physically or otherwise). A woman, on the other hand merely tolerates who you are initially and INSISTS that you change.

This lady is the worst of the worst... she essentially doesn't want to work anymore so she's looking for any man that can afford to keep her and stupidly thinks that these "losers" are goin to bend to her idea of what a man should be.

I'm sorry but I refuse to change who I am, what I like or what I enjoying doing for anyone. I'm me.. deal with it.

And this my friends, is why I will be eternally single.