Popular Street Fighter Producer Collapsed from Exhaustion, Rushed to the Hospital

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Fans love Yoshinori Ono, producer of the Street Fighter series, for his upbeat attitude and crazy antics. He appears at countless events and always seems like he's doing his best to promote Street Fighter—whether that be in person or on Twitter.


Sadly, it sounds like Ono has pushed himself too far. The Street Fighter producer collapsed after a recent Street Fighter X Tekken event in South Korea and was rushed to the hospital.


According to Capcom's Street Fighter blog, "Immediately after a Street Fighter X Tekken event in Asia, the physical condition of Street Fighter X Tekken producer OnoChin [his nickname] rapidly deteriorated, and he collapsed... He was taken to the hospital, and he is currently not coming into work." Capcom added that it didn't seem to be serious—good news.

Kotaku wishes Ono a full and speedy recovery.

大会支援機能とダウンロードコンテンツについて [Capcom via ときどき速報]

(Top photo: Harada | Twitpic)

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Better translation from NeoGAF that reveals it's not quite so serious:









NeoGAF translation:

Regarding SFxT producer Ono, immediately after the SFxT announcement event

He quickly felt very sick and fainted.

He was brought to the hospital and currently isn't in a condition to come to work.

Happily, it hasn't ended up as being severe, so let's hope for an easy recuperation

See you next week!