Facebook Voters Will Determine if EA is The Worst Company In America

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Game publisher Electronic Arts is now officially one of the eight worst companies in the United States.


Well, maybe not officially. They're one of the worst according to consumer affairs blog The Consumerist, which is running a March Madness-style bracket to determine the most heinous companies on the planet. Though The Consumerist isn't defining exactly what makes these companies so terrible, it does promise to award the winner with "the Golden Poo," which is hopefully not an actual thing.

EA joins such disgusting organizations as Facebook, AT&T, Ticketmaster, and Comcast. Sadly, Gamestop did not make the cut—like so many other retailers, it was shut down by Walmart.

EA has already taken out Sony and Best Buy. Can it beat Comcast for a spot in the Final Four? We'll have to wait til Thursday to find out!

(We reached out to EA for comment on their terribleness, but as of press time, they haven't responded.)

The 8 Remaining Worst Company In America Contenders Sure Are An Elite Bunch![The Consumerist via Joystiq]



I'm surprised Netflix is there.

Are consumers so blindsided by the hatred of the price increase they never considered why it might have happened? That maybe it was necessary?

Or are they still mad that brand new movies aren't on Netflix and that they're forced to watch films of days past?