Did You Know GameStop is Named After a Book Store?

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It's one of those things you probably never bothered to think about. "GameStop" sounds like something it took three seconds to come up with. But there's surprisingly a bit more of a story behind the name.


Executive Chairman of the company (and also founder and former CEO) Dan DeMatteo has told Reuters that he named the company after an old franchise of...book stores.

Bookstop was the name of a chain of stores in Texas and Florida specialising in not the trading in and sale of used books, but in discount books. You know, the type that spring up in empty mall spaces to sell excess stock. In 1989 it was bought by Barnes & Noble, taking the name off the market, and DeMatteo had his inspiration.


GameStop, once known as Babbages, was first founded in Texas, hence DeMatteo's familiarity with BookStop. He's used it again for MovieStop, a spin-off line of DVD stores.

Just goes to show, even the most mundane and obvious names for things can often have a slightly more interesting story behind them.

Analysis: GameStop sees solid future despite video game shift to digital [Reuters]

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nate venture

Holy F, I forgot all about Babbages. And as others have said, I miss the days as a kid when a mall had a variety of game stores. And I will never understand the logic of having multiple GameStops in the same mall, which I've seen one too many times.

Hell, right here where I go to school there's a street with a GameStop in a plaza, and just down the road and to the right is another plaza with another GameStop, which is right across the street from a mall with yet another GameStop. I just, honestly, don't understand why they think this is a good idea. Rather than having one (or two, I can see the benefit of having one in the mall even with another one nearby) really successful location in that spot, they spread out the potential customers across 3 different stores?