Raise Your Hand If You Prefer FemShep

They got 1200 Mass Effect fans into one room at PAX East this weekend. They—some folks from the game's development studio BioWare—asked people to raise their hands if their favorite game was the first Mass Effect. Some raised their hands.


Mass Effect 2? Most people raised their hands.

Mass Effect 3? Few hands went up.

And then they asked who favored FemShep, which I guess is another way to ask who plays as her. The very short video here shows the result.

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I'm playing through the entire series for the first time using a femshep. I'm near the end of ME3 and my conclusion is: I don't like her at all.

Jennifer Hale does a good job on a technical level, but I find the character extremely cold, humorless, and frigid. Even on a full paragon playthrough, she's basically an asshole.

By contrast, I love playing as broShep. He's just a more fun, dynamic, and interesting character. He actually seems to have facets to his personality, instead of being a generic musclehead soldier (which is what femShep reminds me of). He's also playful and has a good sense of humor, which is something femShep sorely lacks.

I find him far more interesting.