Report: Apple Working on a New Games Console?

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A report on website Cult of Mac claims that, in addition to Apple's widely-expected foray into the world of TV sets later this year, the company will also be trying its hand (again) at the video game console market.


The site's sources say that "Apple is working on a television set with an iTunes-integrated touch screen remote and Siri-like voice command technology. The TV set will be coming before the end of 2012. Rumors and patents have said as much for the past year, so that's nothing new. But that's not all we've heard."

"Our sources also say that Apple's television set will come with an Apple-branded, Kinect-like video game console. The interface will rely heavily on motion and touch controls."

They then go on to mention Valve repeatedly, though with no clear link or statement tying the Half-Life developers to the program, it reads more like speculation (based on more rumours) than a report.

Sure, Valve could be helping out, at the very least with a version of Steam for the platform, but it's not like Apple couldn't handle things on its own. It seems to have no problems selling games on most of its other devices.


The last time Apple came out with a dedicated games machine was nearly twenty years ago. Things didn't end well.

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