Guy Almost Makes A Glorious Knife Kill, Gets Denied By Trigger-Happy Victim

Scoring a knife kill in a first-person shooter is the ultimate insult to your victim. It's one of the most satisfying kills, too.

But it's not always easy to pull off, as this Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player finds out. He looks to be basically on the camera-focused player's shoulders, so close to getting that glorious knife kill.

Unfortunately for the knifer, YouTube user (and victim) Rustsandstuffs manages to turn around just in time to spray-and-pray the hell out of him before he can make the knife swipe. His terrified wails as a result to the close call are hilarious, and even more hilarious in the proceeding slow-motion version.


Knife surprise! [Reddit]

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i remember when bf3 just came out and i was playing rush Tehran highway. since people were new to the game they dont rly know to pay attention to team/squadmates dying and the minimap to see for enemies.

since it was rush a number of people would fire from cover. this guy went behind our lines and was knifing people one by one and no one even killed him. he would even knife a guy right beside someone else but they didnt notice (maybe too absorbed with the scope). i was actively looking for this guy behind our lines for the whole match to kill him since none of the other players in my team were even going after him. the guy got around 20+ kills just from knifing people. >.>