Three-Fourths Of Video Game Kickstarters Fail

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Turns out not everybody is Tim Schafer.

Though the creator of Grim Fandango set Kickstarter records earlier this year, raising over $3 million for his point-and-click adventure game, most crowdfunded gaming projects aren't nearly as successful.


In fact, according to a Kickstarter representative who spoke to Kotaku yesterday, only about 25% of video game projects reach their funding goals. In contrast, about 45% of all projects reach their funding goals, the representative said. So gaming Kickstarters aren't doing very well at all. Established games like Wasteland and Leisure Suit Larry may have reached their goals, but they're more exception than rule.

In other words, Kickstarter ain't a revolution in the gaming industry just yet.

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I may get crap for saying this, but shouldn't this be a good thing??

It means that people aren't blindly throwing money at Kickstarter projects as some kind of protest against the big publishers or because it's the cool thing to do.

It means that instead people are carefully examining their options and choosing the projects that match their interest and/or have the best chance of actually churning out a good product.

25% seems like a raging success to me.