Maybe the PlayStation Orbis Will Play Used Games After All

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Used games: you love them, need them and want to marry them. Publishers and developers blame the second-hand market for lack of innovation, saying the money they don't see from used games would let them be more creative.

Reports that the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft wouldn't support pre-owned games only fueled this fiery debate even more. Well, love-him-or-hate-him financial analyst Michael Pachter asked PlayStation U.S. CEO Jack Tretton his feelings on used games were and Tretton said that he personally has no problem with them.


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You can see Pachter talk about that conversation on GameTrailers' Bonus Round. At about the 1:52 mark, he says Tretton believes such a move would be "anti-consumer". However, PlayStation's marching orders come from Japan and according to Pachter, Tretton says that the mothership may think differently about this issue. So, a glimmer of hope if you want PlayStation Orbis to be kinder to your wallet.


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Uncle Jesse

I have actually never bought a used video game. Ever. I probably never will.