If You Ever Wanted To Get Kicked Out of PAX, Here's How

Comedian Nathan Barnatt, in his performing persona of socially awkward Keith Apicary, was removed from PAX East this year after interrupting the Rooster Teeth panel with a stage-rushing, trouser-dropping incident.


Barnatt's own compiled footage of Apicary's antics at PAX East is now available. In the first half, he wanders around the convention like a geeky Borat, bobbing through the sea of unsuspecting attendees who will help him make the joke. He goes to the Rooster Teeth panel, for his now-infamous underwear dance, around the 3:30 mark.


Anybody who interrupts events/panels/movies/concerts/etc., especially by attempting to 'shock' people with stunts like dropping their pants, is automatically an asshole that I want nothing to do with.