Sony's Got a New Multiplayer Shooter in Development

Sony has tasked German studio ACONY Games with the development of Bullet Run, an upcoming multiplayer shooter that's based on the premise of a reality TV series gone bad.

Taking a page out of properties like Running Man and Battle Royale, Bullet Run has players take control of contestants "in a fight to the death for fame and fortune".

While no specific mention is made of the platform it's intended for in the three-page report on Forbes, the fact it's revealed as being free-to-play suggests this is a PC title, though I guess a PS3 version wouldn't be out of the question either. It'll use Epic's Unreal Engine 3.


Publisher Sony Online Entertainment will make a proper reveal, with more concrete information (and screenshots bigger than postage stamps), during E3 next month.

UPDATE - Now with trailer. Enjoy? Or at least, try and make it look like you're enjoying it?

Sony Online Entertainment Goes For The Kill With Free-To-Play Shooter Bullet Run [Forbes]

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At first, I was like "I'm glad you're trying this, but multiplayer-only shooters don't work (Shadowrun, MAG)," and then I was like "wait, F2P? Well, that doesn't really work on consoles," and then the article said "probably PC."

I'm cool with this.

That said, they'll need some better shooter designers if they want this to be great. Sony has yet to make a good shooter—Resistance 3 was their best, and even it was really broken in a lot of areas.

Also, in Microsoft news, 'cause I haven't seen Kotaku post it: Microsoft's working on around seven new core AAA IPs. Lionhead's got one (but MMO, ew), Rare's got two or more, 343i is said to be working on a new IP in addition to Halo 4, MGS Vancouver is working on one or two (one is said to be AAAA! :D), Turn 10 is working on one while Criterion (?) is handling Forza Horizon... Oh, and Bungie's next game is a timed 360 exclusive, so there's that.