Shadow of the Colossus Film Adaptation Gets a Director

Sony Pictures has signed writer/director Josh Trank (Chronicle) to direct the long-in-development-hell adaptation of 2005 fan-favorite game Shadow of the Colossus movie. No word yet on casting for Wander... or the horse. [Deadline]



This could be made one of 2 ways:

AS THE FANS WANT IT: Similar to the game, mostly silent protagonist, very small cast, huge epic fights, sprawling landscapes, connections to the protagonist (loneliness, devotion, hope), realistic looking huge colossi, and a killer soundtrack.

It will make nothing at the box office, but be loved by fans and accepted by critics. The studios will quietly drop the franchise, remembering this is why they only put out sequels and formulaic action movies. But it will develop a cult following and be watched at home for years to come.

AS THE STUDIO WANTS IT: nothing like the game, wise-cracking protagonist OR grim protagonist and comedic sidekick(s), mediocre action sequences with thieves or some other small scale human enemies, teases the big fight with the colossus (the only one, a mindless savage who kidnapped the protagonist's well-endowed girlfriend), final fight will have decent action with the obviously CGI beast, but ending too abruptly.

It will just barely make its money back, resulting in a direct to video sequel. The entire franchise is soon forgotten. Fans curse the studio for ruining another great series.

God, I hope I'm wrong.