Curt Schilling's Role-Playing Game Supposedly Needed to Sell 3 Million Copies to Not Fail

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Yesterday, Curt Schilling bragged that Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning beat EA's sales expectations. Today, Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee told reporters that Amalur needed to sell more than double that number just to break even.


Governor Chafee spoke to reporters today during a press conference about the game studio run by Curt Schilling that has all but collapsed.

"The game failed," Chafee said. "The game failed." Chafee was struggling to explain how 38 Studios, a company founded by a star ballplayer and wooed by the state with multi-million dollar loans, could suddenly turn into the poster child for government-financed debacles (read all about the sad 38 Studios saga). What would have spared the company? Chafee: "The experts are saying in the three million range just to break even."

Reports of the game's sales have ranged from a little over 400,000 to just over a million (the latter figure claimed by Schilling himself ).

Chafee's press conference kicked off late this afternoon with the governor and his lieutenants seemingly unaware that all employees of 38 and its subsidiary Big Huge Games were laid off today.


"If the company's not going to be profitable and can't give us the confidence [it can get] on solid footing, then we have to deal with the ramifications," Chafee said. "Industry experts tell us this is very, very expensive and it's not only the cost of producing the game, but then maintaining it once it's released, and then tens of millions of dollars to market it. I think the Red Sox lost Babe Ruth because the owner invested in a play called No No Nannette. And the play failed and he had to sell Babe Ruth. This is very very similar. The game failed. That was integral to the success of the company."

Governor Chafee, who has always been opposed to the loan deal, claims he was hands-off with 38 and understood them to be in fine financial shape as recently as last month before things went sour. His team said today that in discussions with Schilling yesterday, layoffs were not mentioned.


To express how far he kept from 38, Chafee added: "I didn't meddle. If I did meddle there wouldn't be all this violence. All this horrible sexism in games."


I wonder more and more about this loan. I mean what kind of deal is it where they have to pay back over a million in one go and then yet again over a million a few months later?

Also with such kinds of huge payments required to be done in such short timespans, how is this kind of loan meant to be any kind of help?

Also: What is this governor even thinking? I mean all statements i´ve read from state side/him in the past few days made me think: If that guy wants to make sure that company gets shut down immediately (and hence the loan not getting paid back) he is on the best track to achieve that with each of his statements.

Cause yeah, anything he says would be a total no go under any kind of NDA or "do not let your business partner look worse than he is or do not announce any kind of secret business agreements" etc.

I don´t know what internally in the company lead to them not doing financially well but yeah, this kind of loan and then also how this governor and state is dealing with it now makes it seem super messed up to me.

Wouldn´t the most reasonable thing to do by that Governor/the state have been to say: We´re currently investigating the options to achieve the best possible outcome for all sides and will keep you updated as we´re finalizing plans" or something to that extend and then don´t keep on doing such comments which are sure to make the company loose any more chances to keep on going (and maybe get an investment from somewhere else and hence then be able to pay the loan back)?