The Man Wanted To Talk Diablo III. He Wanted To Talk Murder.

Illustration for article titled The Man Wanted To Talk emDiablo III/em. He Wanted To Talk Murder.

Earlier this week in Poland, a 30 year-old computer company employee arrived at work wanting to do two things: talk about Diablo III and his plan to kill people.


His talk and behavior freaked his co-workers out. Frightened, one of the man's colleagues escaped through the window. At the same time, another individual contacted the police after noticing a post on a social networking site from a Diablo III fan claiming he was going to kill people.

Police were able to link to what was happening at the computer company to the online post. Once officers arrived on the scene, the 30 year-old asked them if they were going to join him in killing people.


The police subdued the man and disarmed him (the man was carrying three large knives). He is currently under observation in a psychiatric hospital, where doctors suspect his actions are the result of a personality disorder.

The original news appeared in the Gazeta Wyborcza, one of Poland's leading papers.

Fanatyk gry Diablo III chciał zabijać ludzi [Gazeta Wyborcza Poznań edition Thanks lampak!]

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At least he took a stab at trying to talk with his coworkers.